First of all, welcome to my website and thanks so much for reading.

My name is Mark Stefanishyn and I’m the founder of Relationship Minimalism – a simple system designed to help men create the most loving and sexy (when appropriate) long term relationships with their wife or girlfriend.

The truth is Relationship Minimalism stands on the shoulders of giants and it’s difficult to explain what we’re doing here without first mentioning these giants.

So please allow me a short digression.

Years ago, best selling author and human guinea pig Tim Ferriss began working on an idea called “optimized learning” (or learning how to learn).

He found that by organizing the learning process in a specific way it was quite possible to become world class (top 5% of participating population) at a new skill in as little as 3-6 months.

This process consisted of ideas like:

  • Find ways to avoid the parts that are most likely to make people quit in the beginning.
  • Structure the learning for early wins to encourage motivation and a feeling of progress.

(For more information, please see his keynote speech)

So the premise of Relationship Minimalism was to put Tim’s framework to the test and see if it could be applied to one of the most notoriously difficult skills in existence – creating and maintaining a loving long term relationship with a woman.

As it turned out, it is not only possible, but MUCH more straight forward and practical than even I thought:

3 - Weekend

Five years into my relationship and I still get texts like this regularly.

While I was trying to put together this system I had an important realization – there was one key area with the power to exponentially influence both the relationship and sex life of a couple in a long term relationship more than what any of the experts were talking about:

A deep understanding of how the female mind and body works.

Now, hold on. I know, I know.

It’s easier said than done.

Lucky for you it’s already done and all that’s left is for me to say it.

(Sorry, I can be a bit cheeky at times.)

Let’s be real though – more than a few honest men with good hearts have thrown up their hands in frustration as to what exactly she needs and why she can’t just explain it in a way that makes sense.

So rather than rehash the same old topical advice on communication and foreplay we’ve been hearing from experts for years, Relationship Minimalism is more like a masterclass in understanding a woman’s body and how to optimize your ability to make her feel totally fulfilled, loved and a…shall we say….very healthy…desire for sex.

It’s kind of like the difference between working on computer software and hardware.

When you are only dealing with the software and what shows up on the screen, you get frustrated and angry because the computer takes forever to boot up, freezes all the time, and there’s no antivirus software in the world that could help clean up the junk (sound familiar?).

But if you know how to work with the hardware, you can calmly open up the computer, reconnect all the cables that have been plugged in wrong or shook loose over the years, blow out all the dust, and maybe even upgrade the power supply so it can have more energy for…playing…video games….if you get my drift…

But I digress.

The point is once you do a bit of maintenance on the hardware, the software is naturally going to start running smoother because everything is actually working on the inside.

And it’s the exact same way with a woman’s body – by understanding how her body works you can improve your relationship and sex life at the same time – no communication skills required!

There’s a reason for the age old saying “Happy wife happy life” and for perhaps the first time ever it is actually simple to understand, easy to execute, and consistent in it’s results.

So I invite you to join me in this quest to understand the women we love – what makes her tick, what she actually wants out of a relationship, and how to make her feel like the luckiest girl alive.

From one good man to another, there is nothing like having your girl look up at you, her eyes shining, and hearing her say “You know me better than I know myself. You must have been made just for me. I love you so much” and then feeling her squeeze her body tight to yours with her head resting on your chest.

I believe it is the fundamental right of every man to have the knowledge and skill set to have that experience and I want to share exactly how to do it with you.

So if you’ve made it this far and want to know more, you can take one of two actions:

1) Check out this article on the evolution of the modern superwoman.

The truth is today’s women are almost nothing like their mothers and grandmothers. What value do you bring when she no longer needs you to provide her with a house and food? It’s the kind of question that can make you grit your teeth, but luckily the answer is quite simple. Even if you are one of the few men doing all the providing, I’d still recommend you start here because there is massive insight into how a woman thinks.

After that, check out this article on why working on communication skills and date nights suck for improving relationships. It’ll help give some more insight into this Ferrissian approach to optimized relationships and why I tend to disagree with what most experts out there think.

2) If reading long and in depth articles isn’t your thing then I encourage you to check out my podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. Episode 2 covers the superwomen, but feel free to start with whatever catches your eye.

Thank you so much for reading!

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