GUEST ON: Destination Love /w Chelli Pumphrey

Hey everyone!

I was a guest on Chelli Pumphrey’s Destination Love show on the Voice America Radio Network!

It was my first interview where I had to contend with actual commercial breaks…lots of fun. 🙂

Here’s what we talked about:

What kinds of needs women are looking to have met if they don’t need a man to provide a house and food.

Why fulfilling a woman’s need for love through her body is way easier and more effective than communication skills (hint – her body can’t doubt like her mind can)

And I opened up my bag of tricks on the simplest ways to spike her oxytocin throughout the day so she feels very in love (and more interested in having sex!).

The fact is our culture has overintellectualized relationships and made them WAY more complicated than they need to be. So come join Chelli and I as we figure it all out and speak some mad truth.

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