MMRP 0007 – The Female Continuum of Love and Sex

Since about forever ago, good men have complained about how difficult it can be to understand whether or not their women will be interested in having sex on any given day. This is because women generally have a much broader idea about what “having sex” is because of her use of “feeling loved” as fuel to generate sexual arousal.

In this episode I introduce a concept called “The Female Continuum of Love and Sex” – a visual graph designed to give a very clear and simple understanding of:

  • When a woman’s body can completely kill her ability to get turned on/ feel sexual interest (and the exact words she’ll use when she’s there).
  • How to create an environment where she is compelled to be loving, affectionate, accommodating, and eventually hypersexual.
  • The underlying factor that is constantly deciding whether or not her body is interested in having sex and the most effective ways to influence it.

On a personal note, this is the first episode I completed where I thought “Wow! That went really well!” so if you’ve enjoyed my other episodes then I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of this one.

Much love, thanks for listening.


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