MMRP 006 – The best way to turn on a woman is NOT her brain!!

You don’t have to go too far into the sex and relationship world before you come across a sentence like:

“A woman’s biggest turn on is her brain.”

And today we’re doing a little bit of mythbusting because I disagree.

(Noticing a pattern yet? My girlfriend has taken to calling me a “general naysayer”.)

While I appreciate the idea of getting men to try to think of other ways to turn her on than just ripping her pants off and having sex with her, the unfortunate truth is this idea is not clear enough to really capture what’s actually turning her on.

When your metaphor isn’t accurate enough, the desired result (her wanting to have lots of sex with you) is going to be lackluster or even nonexistent.

In reality, the brain is responsible for a TON of different things – some parts of the brain turn her on and some parts of the brain turn her off.

So we need to be much more specific about what parts of the brain we are working with and as always, find the most effective ways men can interact with those parts.

Perhaps the best part of this whole conversation is that you don’t need to think about her brain at all to turn her on…..

Ooooo cliffhanger!!! Download the episode now!!

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