MMRP 005 – The Relationship Minimalism Primer

“Relationship Minimalism is the ability to instantly generate love, emotional connection, and sexual desire (when appropriate!). This must be able to occur anywhere, on a moment’s notice, have no regular financial cost or additional time commitment, and get more powerful every time it’s used.”

In today’s episode we are going to deconstruct this statement, how it came to exist, and how easy it is to actually pull off.

The past few shows have been deep dives into the philosophy of how a woman’s body works so it’s time to start taking action.

We fully shatter the myth around communication skills and date nights being the foundation of loving relationships and replace it with something infinitely more powerful that actually works in the insane, dual income, over worked, exhausted lifestyle we enjoy today.


PS – If you like Tim Ferriss and his optimal minimal approach to learning new skills have a listen because we’re gonna apply it to long term relationships.


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