MMRP 003 – The Danger/Desire Paradox aka why you have to put in so much more effort for her to want sex in a long term relationship

Episode 03 is liiiiiive!!

My recent thoughts have lead me to the understanding that while it would appear we are talking about sex and relationships, what we are actually doing is building a masterclass on understanding the female body. The better our understanding of the female body, the better our relationship and sex life will be.

To that end, this episode gives us some perspective on what’s happening in the female body when she is in a brand new relationship – the honeymoon period – and why she is can get turned on so fast and is generally interested in having lots of sex.

The common myth out there is that sexual desire naturally fades over time, but I contend we can’t say that is true when the mass of the population (men AND women) don’t have an accurate understanding of how the female body works.

Which they don’t.

So let’s get up to speed on some of the dynamics at play for a woman in a new sexual relationship and then stay tuned for episode 04 where we talk about the changes her sex drive goes through in a long term relationship (and how to work with it to optimize her sexual desire).


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