Are you with the media and need one of those counter-intuitive and somewhat controversial headlines to catch your readers’ attention?

Well congratulations because you’ve just hit the jackpot!



Mark Stefanishyn is the founder of Relationship Minimalism – a simple system designed to help men create the most loving (and sexy!) long term relationships ever.

Rather than tackling sex and relationship problems head on, Mark has created a unique masterclass on the most important and underlying factor for the success of any long term relationship – how a woman’s body works and what SHE needs to feel deeply loved and turned on.


There’s no Tantra or spiritual talk, just minimalistic tactics and ideas (based on science) which quickly update the skills men need to thrive during the time of the ambitious and independent Superwomen who no longer need them to provide a house and food.

Mark’s writing has been featured on MindBodyGreen, The Good Men Project, and he is also the host of the Millennial Man Relationship Podcast. He is a practicing massage therapist, kettlebell enthusiast, KPC Self Defense practitioner, and Sattva yoga instructor.

He is available for expert opinion on the following topics:

Long term relationships, millennial relationships, the evolution of masculinity/femininity, female sexual arousal, and why communication/date nights are the worst place for men to start improving their relationships.


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